Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Immortal WIP 006

Another update on the immortal, tonight I could only get the base done
It was a bit more difficult than I imagined, I was trying to get some big chunkiness going on, while making it still look believable. Also I really like the way the legs looked in the paper cut out of the immortal, and I was trying to go for that, I think it'll have to be taller to realy accomplish tha tlook. The paper model of the immortal is very skinny in the center, but its base is huge. Unlike the in game art . I'll have to play with it. I might go back and make it even bigger, but for now it think its alright. Gonna do the fun part tomorrow then. I'm looking forward to the legs, I think that should be the "easiest" part. I being very generous with the term "easiest" haha.