Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Immortal WIP 009

So I was able to get on a roll with this one. But its still not where I want it to be yet.
a few issue.
-The legs are remarkable soft in comparison to the torso and arms. Now I think what I  want to do is add some detail like whats in the torso area, BUT I do not know if that will fix the issue i'm having Int the concept art and even on the in game model, the legs are VERY blocky. I wanted to get rid of that look and smooth it out, because I thought it looked bad. But I may have to go back to that for the legs and remodel them :(
-The torso section is looking alright, but there are some lines that I think I might have misplaced. I was trying to break up the surface with some noise, and might have stopped some of the visual flow that is going on
-I do not mind the guns, but I wish I could think of something to put there. I do not know if I'll go back now. I'm already 24-30 hours in, and if I want to get this done by my time limit.  I doubt i'll be able to go back to the arms.

I need to make a decision on how I'm going to retopologize this.
I want to be able to animate it So i figure just retopologize each pieces separately that I want rigged. That being said. I"m not sure that method will get me down to my 30k limit that I was hoping for. IF not I'll just have to optimize it further.