Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dullahan WIP

I am NOT posting on my blog as much as I ought to, but here you go.

So after a few critiques, and adding some details and assymetry heres another update.
things I addressed.
-Making the shape more feminine
-Pushing the armor pieces in closer to the flesh.
-adding details.
I've decided any more High frequency detail I"m going to do, is going to be done in Substance painter so I can go in and edit quickly. Unless theres any more thoughts on this mesh as it is, I"m going to move on to a prop or two, to add to the scene, Probably a sword, or a horse.
The head isnt going to be on her shoulders, I'm keeping it there for sizing. The dullahan, is basically a headless horseman, so I think it would be pretty metal if she had her head in her hand and a sword inthe other. Its like a small personal project for me, so I can try to figure out hair, without having it be