Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cobweb WIP

As per some critiques, I went back on the I'm starting from the beginning essentially.

Here are the critiques I got. as well as the update.

"There's a lot of problems here. I think the core of it is, you went high poly and costume wayyy too early. The anatomy is all over the place here. I'd reduce this back down to a lower poly, retopo'd mesh and keep sculpting for a while til its more solidified. Just a few of the things I see: The neck is too thin and long. You dont have any trap muscles built. The dip between the abdomenal muscles is way too much of a canyon. The boobs look too low. The deltoid is bulging too much. The calf muscles are too long. The hands need a lot of definition and love. The face is pretty jacked right now. The lips need a lot of refining. The planes of the face need work, and a lot of the landmarks need to be seen. The nose is too thin. Honestly, the hair should be the least of your worries at this point. Even though you are covering up a lot of the character with matte black costuming, the base really has to be solid underneath. Build a board of reference, or better yet I highly suggest buying Eliot Goldfinger's Human Anatomy for Artists book."


Hey man,

So here are things you need to double check:

1. Ulna and Humerus is supposed to somewhat equal in length. Due to extremely long humerus, the deltoid appears to be very small and short.

2. Left arm is definitely need to be fixed since it bends abnormally. When you pose your character, you have to re-sculpt certain features since they will be distorted during posing process.

3. Even though you decided to go for fantasy ears there, but it still needs to have some sort of realism so people can relate to. The helix is very thin. If you watch Lord of the Ring, Elven ears are close to human ears.

4. The glossiness at the neck creates a unwanted seam there.

5. I also have a feeling that the armpits are high as well

Bottom of the body looks good to me


OKAY so crit time! The shape of the stomach and collar bone area need to be worked on. The face needs some more feminine touches to read like the concept, if that's the true direction you're wanting to go
she's got some sex appeal in the concept, full lips, eyes half lidded
contrasting with the hair and the outfit
your details are reading as all similar sizes, especially on the legs. look at the holes and details on the legs in the concept, and look at the holes and stuff on your execution
the calves aren't the correct shape on the sides and is making her look “bubbly"