Thursday, September 8, 2016


Another update. First pass on the materials
There are few glaring issues that I've marked up. I'll go back and fix those this weekend.

As far as the materials, I'm not sold on the blue just yet, I think i get the idea. I want to make it glow, but i'm not sure how to make a convincing glowing crystal material. (khydarin crystal to be specific).
I think also, I'll have to make separate uvs for some decals or zerg blood, and I'll do that in Unreal

I like the brown metal on the bottom half of the immortal, but the top half is a little lacking to me, I'll have to go back and check that out.

The legs need to be unwrapped a bit better, because there are some artifacts (artifacts right? those are artifacts?) near the bottom. Otherwise the bakes are pretty ok.

I still have NO IDEA what to put under the immortal. What holds its legs together?!
I've got nothing for that. I'm gonna keep it blank for now.