Monday, July 22, 2013

Advice to incoming class of seniors a UARTS

So as many of you know, the new school year is about to begin once again, and those of you that were juniors before will be on the next stepping stone, the one right before the dreaded day…Graduation. Because of this I asked a few of my colleagues that graduated (the ones that were online anyway) a question, What advice would you give incoming seniors? Is there anything you'd do differently? I got some interesting answers. 

Josh Cianculli

Don't procrastinate, use all the time you have. If you have big goals for your piece, be prepared to put in extra work to accomplish it. Keep it reasonable, don't overdo it.
Your teachers will NOT understand your own vision of your film, but they are looking out for you, so be prepared to explain your premise as best as possible. They'll be able to best anticipate the crowd's reaction (not your peers'), so trust them if they say something doesn't make sense. If you disagree with your teacher, ask for a second opinion from the other teachers.
Start working on your storyboards before the semester begins and show your teachers. Having the teacher change your piece early on beats having to change it at the end, lose ample time, and then get told to change it yet AGAIN because of time restraints.
Most importantly, don't underestimate composite/render time. Get all of your animation done as soon as possible so you have time to fix things, add final touches, and anticipate render errors.

  • Vincent Erhard
  • have your animatic done before the school year
  • be prepared for unemployment

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Sean Glaze

Kofi Sarfo
i think this group of seniors is ok actually

i wouldn't direct em much

just do something really good that can be done in a realistic manner and have fun doing it

basically, what lowell told us and we didn't listen

These aren't rules, but I believe they all hold something to consider. Either way I wish you all good luck, you're all very talented and I know you'll do well in whatever your endeavors lead you to.